NcStar Vism First Resp Utility Bag



Keep all your gear together with the Vism First Responders Utility Bag. Designed with first responders in mind, holds all the essentials needed in an emergency situation. The Utility bag is also an ideal EDC bag with quick access to essential documents and gear.


  • 7 compartments
  • Rear concealed Carry Pocket
  • Velcro Patches to accommodate hook and loop accessories
  • Rifle and Pistol Magazine pouches
  • Pals webbing on Front, Sides, and Bottom 
  • Breathable mesh backing for comfort
  • Adjustable carry strap with shoulder pad


  • Overall H 12.5"xW 8.5" x D 7.25"
  • Main Compartment H 11" x W 8" x D 4.5"
  • Front Pouch H 8" x W 7.5" x D 2.5"
  • Front Bottom pouch H 2" x 7.5" X 2.5"
  • Front pocket H 6" x W 7"
  • Back pocket H 11" x W 9"
  • Conceal snap back pocket H 7.25" x W 8"
  • Top Pouch H 5" x W 6.75" x D 2.5"
  • Carry Strap L 43" x W 1.5" with 2" non slip shoulder pad
  • Empty weight 1.78 lbs

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